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Pat Wetzel

“I have come to see life as a road trip, full of bumps, potholes and extraordinary views. Sometimes you get lost. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not. But it’s all about the journey and what we learn along the way.”

Bump In The Road: 15 Stories of Courage, Hope and Resilience

My own journeys have taken me from Wall Street to thirty thousand feet, flying my sailplane over the Sierras. Browse the selection of interviews below and learn more about me in the about section of this website. Please direct press inquiries to

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The Person You Want to Be

Eric Teplitz and I explore some bumps in the road in this terrific discussion.

Shine Within

Gina Kunadian share stories and more.

Empower From Within

Jessica West and I look at life’s bumps and some of the lessons that arise from them.

Kim Hayden on Kim Talks

From life’s bumps to venture capital, Kim and I share some thoughts.

Zen Commuter

Host Thom Walters’ goal is to teach one million people to meditate. His wisdom is amazing and so is our conversation.

Global Wellness HQ

Host Jeff Borschowa asks me to name my “favorite child” in this insightful conversation.

Luxury Unplugged

A wonderful and wise talk about life strategies.

MisFit Nation Show

A show where extraordinary stories and transformative experiences take center stage.

Charlie Hedges

Charlie Hedges’ Next Chapter is a must listen.

The Thomas Green Podcast

What a wonderful and thoughtful podcast.

Joey Pinz Podcast

A great conversation on what it takes to keep moving in life.

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Sample Interview Questions

Why did you write this book?
Who should read your book and why?
What are some of your favorite stories from your podcast?
What “bumps in the road” have you faced?
What advice do you have for someone facing a bump in the road?