Side Trips

Side Trips are a super short podcast that let me share some of my thoughts beyond the conversations with my guests.  They’re about the off road excursions we take that lead to interesting life experiences.

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You can also find Side Trips under the regular Bump In The Road podcast on all major podcast platforms.

Quitters, Campers and Climbers

Bump In The Road Side Trips

One of my favorite conversations about living a full and meaningful life.

Love, Medicine and Bernie

Bernie Siegel, M.D.and the power of story.

Two Sides of A Coin

Do you have to know dark to know light?

Whole Brain Living

Bump In The Road Podcast: Side Trips

My experience with Dr. Jil Bolte Taylor’s Whole Brain Living and how it just might change your life.

On Learning Patience

Bump In The Road: Side Trip

Patience is a hard earned virtue, one I’m still working on.

How is Meditation Like Chocolate?

chocolate as a meditation

It’s all in the experience.

Marketing on YouTube, Click Bait, and What Might Really Matter


On finding what just might really matter!