Time to blog again!


Why A Blog For “Bump”?


To share whatever comes to mind!

Sometimes it’s a theme from a podcast. Sometimes it’s an observation. Sometimes it’s a book I’m reading.

For this blog, there’s no set publication schedule (unlike the podcast which is published every Wednesday). The blog is just for some random thoughts and maybe a short essay here and there. I hope you’ll read and leave a comment or two!

Other ways to comment are on social media:

Facebook: BumpInTheRd

Twitter: @CancerRoadTrip

There’s also LinkedIn and an Instagram account (@CancerRoadTrip), although I haven’t been as active there recently. But that may be changing. With my book in production, I may need a bit of adventure again, and what better way to share it than through photos on Instagram?

Some people have asked what the CancerRoadTrip moniker is all about. It started back in 2017 when I sold my house to travel. My decision was a confluence of health, medical and business issues. I’d been dealing with six years of cancer treatment topped off by some serious business infidelity. A business partner was, shall we say,  less than forthright. And it destroyed my business.

travel blogI had had enough! It was time for a reset and my preferred reset is travel. I started a blog and website CancerRoadTrip and I hit the road. You can read more about it in my upcoming book.

So it was off to Europe, Africa, South America and more. My travels evolved into a travel/film project which told the stories of people impacted by cancer against the backdrop of exotic travel. Think Kilimanjaro and the metaphor of a mountain. Think Safari and the metaphor of survival. Think Zanzibar and the spice of life.

In 2020, like the rest of the world, I hit a serious bump. Travel closed down and so did CancerRoadTrip. That’s when I started this podcast, which led to this website, which has led to a series of books. The first, Bump In The Road, will be out later this year.

Stay tuned for some random thoughts. Join in! And welcome to the Bump Blog!