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Mark Philpott




Mark Philpott is the Founder and CEO, of his Podcast Host Global Travel Channel. He’s a well traveled adventurer and philanthropist whose story is one for our times.

The twists and turns of his road trip start off in Singapore where Mark Philpott had it all. He was the consummate businessman, traveling the world, enjoying the high life of great hotels, restaurants and events. Until one day, he realized that his world lacked compassion. And that insight led him on a profound quest that challenged his values, his intellect, and his very way of life.

From a global corporate culture and lifestyle, to a simpler, less material life aboard a sailboat, Mark has traveled the world. His travels started off being external: places, people, events. But in time his travels caused him to turn within.

Mark spent two years traveling without a home, without possessions, sometimes sleeping on a park bench. He visited friends. He experienced the world from a very different perspective. And what emerged was a very different man.

From mental health to physical health, Mark’s life is a quest. His courage in facing change and moving fearlessly into it, is a lesson for all of us.

Reflecting about his life and travels to date from his sailboat in Australia, Mark shares his story and reflections. May they motivate you to examine yours as well.


Bump In The Road

Mark and Osaka

Bump In The Road:

Mark Philpott

Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

I share stories about how people experience, manage and navigate life's bumps, hopefully using them as a pivot into a more conscious and meaningful life.