Yvonne deSousa: Giggles Are Good For You

Giggles are good

Yvonne deSousa is an author, a blogger and a very funny lady. From multiple sclerosis to her hatred of vegetables, Yvonne is a wealth of wisdom wrapped in humor.



“Six months after my 40th birthday (and only one week before Christmas) I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Hard to believe but I started to laugh.”



So started Yvonne’s journey, first with MS and then, some years later,  with breast cancer. And along the way came an ability to find outrageous humor in the most unlikely places.

Perhaps the sentiment that best sums up Yvonne deSousa’s approach to life are her own words:


“Giggles are good for you.”



And there are plenty of giggles in her book,  MS Madness



Yvonne deSousa

Yvonne deSousa: Finding humor in MS and elsewhere



“It’s not just about surviving; it’s about living well.”


Bump in the Road:

Yvonne deSousa

Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

I share stories about how people experience, manage and navigate life's bumps, hopefully using them as a pivot into a more conscious and meaningful life.