Sean Swarner: #KeepClimbing

Sean Swarner

Sean Swarner is a real life inspiration and a walking example of what is possible.

At the age of 13, Sean’s life was irreparably changed when he was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. He was given 3 months to live.

And then, a year later, a totally unrelated cancer, Askins Sarcoma, was diagnosed. This time he was given 14 days to live.


“The chances of me surviving both these illnesses is the equivalent of winning the lottery 4 times in a row with the same numbers.”


But he miraculously survived and this terrible bump in the road led to some amazing life insights that set him on a path that no one could have anticipated.

After spending some of his early college and young adult years chasing a range of possibilities from molecular biology and immunology to psychology, he realized he needed to take the time to look deep within to understand his relationship with cancer. School was not his path. He dropped out of a doctoral program to pursue a path that allowed him to use his mind and body together to do something that no one has ever done before: He decided to become the first cancer survivor to climb Everest. On one functional lung.


“I wanted to use Everest as the highest platform on earth to scream hope and give back to the cancer community.”

Mt. Everest
Mt Everest

Sean went on to climb the highest peaks in Africa, Europe, South America, Australia, Antarctica, and North America, known as the 7 Summits. And he didn’t stop there. Sean went on to compete in Hawaii’s Iron Man Competition; he went to the South Pole; and the North Pole.  On his North Pole expedition, he brought a film crew that captured the quest. Here is a trailer from True North: The Sean Swarner Story. The film is available on Amazon:

On this Bump In The Road with Sean Swarner, we talk about the importance of using our mind/body connection  to achieve life goals; about the lessons one learns from Mother Nature; and importance of connecting with your own personal intrinsic motivators.

Bump In The Road: Sean Swarner, Adventurer, Author, and Coach


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