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Andrea Klunder
Andrea Klunder Podcast Envy

Andrea Klunder knows people. She’s been an actor, musician, filmmaker, writer, yoga & meditation teacher, entrepreneur and more — always studying human behavior, mindset and communication. She brings all these skills, and more, to her self created job as a speaker and consultant on podcasts.

I ran into Andrea through a mutual friend. She was doing the podcast for the Santa Fe Opera and it was so well done, so well produced….well, I had Podcast Envy. Which is one of her three podcasts:

The Creative Impostor (taking creative risks despite the voice in your head who says you’re a fraud);
Podcast Envy (about the craft and culture of podcasting); and
Power Your Story (produced by her high school students in a diverse learning program)

Andrea Klunder Podcast Envy
Podcast Envy by Andrea Klunder

But it was a bump in the road that brought Andrea to podcasting. All the rich experience (and failure) in another endeavor paved the way to a new path in life. Andrea is a true entrepreneur who brings a depth and range of experience to her craft.

Please welcome Andrea Klunder.

Andrea Klunder

Andrea Klunder on Bump In The Road

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