Introducing “SideTrips”

a short form podcast directly from Pat Wetzel, creator and host of BumpInTheRoad.


BumpInTheRoad podcast


Every week I interview a new guest. But there’s so much more going on than just the basic podcast. So I thought I’d also start sharing some thoughts, some blog posts and some excerpts from my upcoming book. I call this series “Side Trips” and they’re published along with the regular podcast. They’ll also be posted here in the blog.

For Side Trips there’s no set publication schedule and no set topics. The podcasts are short. They’re a place for a bit of thought and rumination and perhaps perspective on the themes from my guests and from my own life.

So subscribe here on the website or on your favorite podcast platform and you’ll automatically receive Side Trips along with the biweekly newsletter, weekly conversations with my guests, blog posts, and more. When you subscribe, if you can, become a Bump II member. It’s only $5 a month and it helps support Bump in The Road. 

I welcome your thoughts. I can always be reached at