PInktober, as it’s called (sometimes affectionately, sometimes not) puts the focus on breast cancer awareness. So this month I’ll be featuring two women who have used their breast cancer experience as a pivot into a more conscious and meaningful life. That means coming to terms with their new body and health; finding meaning in the experience; and having a willingness to take their stories and use them to fuel a new chapter in life.


Breast Cancer

The Faces of Breast Cancer From This Podcast



Each of these stories are about transformation. They’re about evolving one’s identity and being willing to discard the parts that no longer suit. It’s about finding authenticity and congruence with a higher calling.


This sounds so noble and it is. But the strength to do this lies in each of us.


The path of self discovery is not an easy one. It involves self reflection and reframing one’s story. It means revisiting your beliefs and habits to form new ones.

But what are the options? To try to stay with a status quo that doesn’t exist anymore? It doesn’t exist because the experience has changed you. It may change the way you relate to yourself or others. It may change what you want to do with your life. It may open the door to new ways of living and a richer appreciation of life.

So this month, two stories of inspiration from Liz O’Riordan and Judy Pearson. Liz was brave and kind enough to be my very first podcast guest. Judy has also been on the podcast before and her story and her compassion will absolutely blow you away.

Both have recently recorded new podcast episodes which will be published this month. I hope their stories will give you inspiration for your story too. And you don’t have to have cancer to rewrite your story. Just a bit of curiosity and an openness to new possibility. Because anything is possible. What do you choose?

Oh, and the picture for this post? It’s a collage of the faces of breast cancer from this podcast. One picture doesn’t belong. And yet it does. It’s the picture of the late Dr. Susan Love whose research is changing the face of breast cancer.



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