Writing a book has turned out to be much more difficult than I ever thought. And the greatest difficulties have arisen from within my own psyche.

Is it good enough? Will anyone read it? Did I just waste an incredible amount of time and energy creating this?

Writing a book brings up every element of insecurity and self doubt you possess. And then some. But the stories of my guests and their incredible wisdom has kept me going. After three years of producing a weekly podcast and this website, I know for a fact that these stories must be shared. The wisdom of my guests, and their generosity in sharing their travails, is what is pushing me over the finish line.

People often ask if I have a favorite podcast. I don’t. Each and every story offers invaluable advice for navigating life. Some will resonate with you at a particular point in your journey. When that happens, take heed. It is the universe tapping your the shoulder, saying listen and learn.

“What can I learn” has become my mantra. I apply it to every day living. I apply it to questions big and small. That mantra guides me on my own road trip. At each stumbling block, I am forced to look within and question my own beliefs about myself. Where does this doubt come from? How realistic is it? What must I release to move forward?

Breaking through our beliefs is certainly one of the themes of this podcast. Upon close examination, we find our beliefs are seldom our own. They’re more often instilled in us, through our parents, our schools, and society. We absorb the energy of those around us and it crystalizes into a belief system. But is it our own?

Darryll Stinson is such a great example of this. His bumps in the road sent him on a quest for authenticity that is admirable. Nick Adkins found new beliefs during a visit to Burning Man. Erik Weihenmayer refused to accept the societal perspective of disability, in his case, being blind. Mary Neal had to examine her strong scientific bias to ask if it was limiting her. And Effie Parks shifted her life into love as she coped with a life path very different from what she had planned.

I could go on and on. Listen and be open to each story. Look for those elements of a shift in belief; a belief in oneself; and the willingness to take on a path less traveled.


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