Constantin Morun: An American Dream


“I now understand my purpose in this life. How do I bring more of it in my daily life?”

-Constantin Morun

Bump In The Road:

Constantin Morun on the American Dream

Have you ever felt like you’ve achieved everything you’ve been told to aim for, only to find yourself feeling empty and unfulfilled? This is the story of Constantin, a high-achiever who seemed to have it all – a successful career at Microsoft, a loving family, and all the ‘shiny toys’ one could desire. Yet, amidst this seemingly perfect life, he felt something crucial was missing.

In our latest podcast episode, Constantin takes us on a journey, one that begins in communist Romania and stretches across continents to Canada, where he and his family sought a better life. His tale is one of resilience and ambition, as he navigates through the world of engineering, mathematics, computer science, and the corporate ladder to entrepreneurial ventures.

But the real turning point comes when Constantin shares about the onset of the pandemic, a period that pushed him to his limits, working twelve-hour days and most weekends. Despite his hard-earned success, he faced a profound internal struggle, leading him to question the very fabric of his achievements and the definition of happiness.

Constantin’s quest for understanding and self-discovery leads him to an unexpected place – a mental health retreat in Ecuador, where he engages with indigenous plant medicine in a quest to see himself and the universe with newfound clarity. His candid recount of the experience and the subsequent highs and lows upon his return paints a vivid picture of the transformative power of introspection and facing one’s inner demons.

As we listen to his story unfold, Constantin’s insights on redefining success, confronting emotional trauma, and the lifelong journey of personal growth resonate deeply. His narrative is a bold invitation to us all to pause, reflect, and ask ourselves if we’re truly living in alignment with our core values and purpose.


Konstantin Morun: The American Dream




“It’s all about being in service to yourself and others, and it looks different for everyone.”


“I now understand my purpose in this life. How do I bring more of it in my daily life?”


“I’ve been successful and a high performer all my life, but I didn’t give myself enough time to sit with my own thoughts, understand who I am at a core level.”


“I now get to ask a very important question. In every conversation I have, in every interaction I have with someone, am I able to inspire or empower or guide or support them?”


“The deeper I go within me, the more progress I make in my life, the more I understand myself and the more impact I can bring to myself and those around me and eventually the world.”


“You cannot do anything about something you’re not aware of.”



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