Peter Lloyd: Racing For Life


Peter Lloyd was living the normal life of newly married 25 year old with a young child. Until he fell at work, injuring his left leg. An MRI showed a mass in his left femur. Surgery and physical therapy followed.

But the bone didn’t really heal. Thus started ten years of medical intervention, a diagnosis of osteosarcoma and eventually an amputation.

For anyone, going through an experience like this would be difficult. But at just 25 years of age, Peter had no peer group. He went through chemo, and numerous surgeries with no success.

The pain was severe and it was constant. His leg was unreliable and basically useless.   He begged doctors to remove his leg. The doctors said no.


“Everything was attached to the leg. The anger, the frustration, the fear…”


And he wanted it gone. All of it.

Peter’s saga will bring tears to your eyes. And so will his resolve to get on with life.

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Bump In The Road:

Peter Lloyd


Peter Lloyd: Bump II Subscribers

In this second session, Peter and I explore the emotions of his experience, the joy of his family and his deep gratitude for life.

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Peter Lloyd with prosthetic


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Peter Lloyd: Family, Racing and Life

Peter has made it a point to be grateful and to give back. He volunteers with the Bone CancerResearch Trust where he shares his love of wheelchair racing with others facing similar circumstances.

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