Wendy Wagner: The Power Of Your Mind

Wendy Wagner
The Power of your mind

The power of your mind is immense, according to Wendy Wagner Ph.D, a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Coach providing holistic therapy services in Northern New Mexico.

Wendy has been on a path of personal and spiritual inquiry for several decades in a quest to explore the power of your mind. Then cancer struck and sent her inquiry into realms she never dreamed of.  But it was a gift that forced her into “the void”, that place of discomfort well beyond one’s comfort zone. And it opened a door to discovering the wisdom and creativity that comes from the power of your mind.


“The void is creative and chock full of spirit.”


Wendy’s reflections on life, personal and spiritual growth have much to teach each of us. She reframes life as one big learning experience.  One of her basic tenets is that


“Everything comes to you for your benefit.”


This podcast was originally recorded in late May 2020.


Bump In The Road:

Wendy Wagner

The Power of Your Mind

The Power Of  Your Mind


“My emphasis is on the correct use of the mind and mindfulness, choosing which thoughts to think”.



“The art of thought, the art of choice.”



“The source of most disease is in the spirit. Therefore, the spirit can cure most disease.”

–Nicola Tesla



“The void is creative and chock full of spirit.”



“Everything comes to you for your benefit.”



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