Karen Dean: On The Importance of Mental Health

“No matter what you go through in life, someone else has already been through it.”

-Karen Dean

Author of We Are Unbreakable

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Karen Dean-Mental Health and Resilience

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Karen Dean on Mental Health


In 2020 the world was dealing with Covid. But in Nova Scotia, Canada, another event took place that defined the year, the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history. Over two days, April 18th and 19th, Gabriel Worman killed 22 people. He started by killing 13 people in Portapique, N.S. and by burning down several houses, including his own. The next day his rampage continued. Altogether, twenty two people died.

The province is home to about a million people. With such a small population, people were shaken and stunned. Many knew one of the victims. Mental health was suddenly a top topic.

The combination of events in 2020 led Karen Dean to reach out to her neighbors to chronicle the year. Her efforts allowed woman to voice their concerns and share their stories. She pulled the stories together in her book We Are Unbreakable: Raw, Real Stories of Resilience: From Women in Nova Scotia in 2020.


“I think the most powerful message from the whole book is that you are not alone.”


Karen’s reflections on the year, on mental health and on resilience offer a great deal of wisdom for all of us. Join us in a conversation with a truly resilient woman.


Karen Dean On Mental Health



“I think putting our make your mental health priority one is so important.”


“You really need to focus on people places content that brings good feelings to you, and try to get away from the ones who bring you down.”


“It’s okay to to let people go sometimes, because we all evolve, we all go different ways.”


“I think stories are so powerful.”


“I think that I’m a self made resilience expert.”


“By helping others, you actually help yourself more than you know.”


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