Leonie Rosenstiel: The Reality of Guardianship




“Houston, we have a problem.”

-Leonie Rosenstiel



Bump In The Road:

Leonie Rosenstiel on Guardianship

Protecting Mama–A Story About Legal Guardianship


A will. A power of attorney. A trust. Doesn’t that mean your affairs are in order?

Not at all, as Leonie Rosenstiel found much to her dismay.

It all started when



“I walked in one day to take my mother to lunch.

And there was blood all over the kitchen.”



Her mother, a college professor and a capable woman who supervised 1,000 women in the Women’s Air Corps during World War II, could no longer care for herself.

In an effort to help, Leonie sought out the counsel of an attorney. What happened next turned into a legal quagmire that would take years and many tens of thousands of dollars to unwind.

Leonie writes about her story in her book Protecting Mama: Surviving the Legal Guardianship Swamp. You can learn more at her website, DayspringResurces.com.


legal guardianship

On Legal Guardianship



“This put me on absolute notice that my mother could not function mentally anymore.”


“I think the lawyer entirely misunderstood what I was trying to do. And that’s being kind.


“It took almost three years until I saw mama again.” 


“When you’re in an emergency, it is the worst possible time to make life altering decisions.


“Well, I’m not trusting the courts all that much.”






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