Dana Killion: Healing From Betrayal


“Obviously, serial ​cheating ​is ​not ​an ​expression ​of ​love.

-Dana Killion

Bump In The Road:

Dana Killion on Healing From Betrayal

Healing From Betrayal


In the shadows of a seemingly perfect life, Dana Killian found herself grappling with a reality she never expected. Married to a high-functioning alcoholic, Dana’s world was one of confusion, betrayal, and silent suffering—a story that many share but few dare to tell.

Dana offers a candid look into the heart-wrenching journey of being the sober partner to an addict. From the initial denial and confusion to the painful acknowledgment of her husband’s addiction and infidelity, Dana’s story is one of raw honesty and vulnerability.

Dana’s account is ultimately one of immense personal growth and healing. Her resilience inspires as she talks about transforming her pain into a source of strength, learning to trust herself again, and ultimately finding a newfound sense of self-worth and happiness.


I ​found ​a ​way ​to ​use ​this ​awful ​experience ​for ​something ​good.”

This story  is not just for those who have experienced the pain of addiction in their lives. It’s a universal story of overcoming adversity, the power of self-reflection, and the human capacity for change. Dana’s journey teaches us that even in our darkest moments, there is hope, and healing is possible.

Dana Killion: Healing From Betrayal



“The lying about whether he had been drinking was really the sign to me that addiction was part of the problem.”


“There’s ​so ​much ​about ​our ​self ​worth ​that ​gets ​roped ​into ​this ​mix ​of ​someone ​else’s ​problem.” 


“We ​spend ​a ​lot ​of ​time ​after ​betrayal, ​kind ​of ​kicking ​ourselves ​with, ​what ​should ​I ​have ​known? ​What ​should ​I ​have ​seen?”


“Betrayal has a life of its own and inserts itself when the skin of our hearts is thin and easily damaged.”





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