Ann Hince: Emotional Freedom Technique


“The freedom is on the other side of that fear. And that is where I wanted to be.”

-Ann Hince

Bump In The Road:

Ann Hince on EFT to Heal

Have you ever felt like the weight of your past traumas was physically holding you down? In our latest podcast episode, we explore a story that might change the way you think about emotional healing and personal growth.

 Ann, our guest, takes us on a journey through her life, marked by a series of traumas, including the loss of her mother at a young age. It wasn’t until her late thirties that she discovered a technique that would revolutionize her world – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping.

 With the simple yet profound act of tapping on meridian points on the body, Ann began to release decades of pent-up emotions. She describes how, after one session, she was able to recount her mother’s death without the tears that had always been “just under the surface.” This breakthrough was just the beginning.

 As Ann delved deeper into EFT and other somatic practices, she not only released emotional tension but started noticing physical changes. She grew three-quarters of an inch as her body decompressed from the burdens it had been carrying. Her story is a testament to the concept that our emotions are not just in our minds – they’re stored in our bodies.

 Ann’s insights into self-awareness and the healing journey are profound. She shares how tapping on simple words like “mother” or “love” can bring up a cascade of memories and emotions, allowing for a deeper healing process.

 If you’re looking for a sign to start your healing journey or if you’re simply curious about the potential of EFT tapping, this episode is a must-listen. Ann’s story is not just about overcoming the past; it’s about unlocking a life of depth, peace, and true self-awareness.

 Join us as we dive into this powerful conversation on healing and growth. Who knows? You might just find the key to your own transformation.


Ann Hince on EFT


“The freedom is on the other side of that fear. And that is where I wanted to be.””I didn’t know that you could just release them. I didn’t know that they were stored in the body.”


“Life started to change. I became less reactionary. I was more peaceful on the inside.”


“All we need to do is search out the negative or the trauma or the programming.”


“The positive thoughts just come naturally once we’ve released the negative.”


“There’s much more depth to life than you know, and there’s great incentive to do this work.”

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