Dave Pelzer: On Living A Happy Life

“How many more summers do you have left?” 

-Dave Pelzer

Author of A Child Called It

​Bump In The Road:

Dave Pelzer On Living A Happy Life

Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer On Living A Happy Life


Dave Pelzer is the author of a series of books including A Child Called It, which was on the New York Times bestseller list for a record setting six years. In that book, he chronicles a childhood of almost unbelievable abuse. Finally, one weekend, he was sure his mother intended to kill him. And that’s when a network of caring adults stepped in to save him. Dave has gone on to a life of great adventure.


Dave Pelzer


The hardship of Dave’s early years surprisingly didn’t sour him on life. Instead, it inspired him to LIVE. Now, in his early sixties, he looks back at life with great love and appreciation. His message is is one of resilience, but also of love, learning and doing.


Dave Pelzer


In his most recent book, Return To The River, he looks back on it all with love and gratitude. The tone of the book is wistful in some ways. Dave asks:


“How many more summers do you have left?

How  many more good summers do you have left that you can walk or run?

Or hold your lover’s hand or watch a sunrise or sunset?

Or just be that child from within?”


It’s a message about making your time here count. About doing your best every day and being aware of the wonderful possibilities of the world around you. It’s about gratitude and the adventure of a life well lived.

This podcast with Dave is absolutely inspiring. Dave suggests you listen twice, once for the story and wants to absorb the wisdom of a life well lived.


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Dave Pelzer On Living A Good Life


“I think you survive for a reason. And at the end of the day, you want to survive to be happy.”


“People are always waiting for something to happen. You’ve got to make something happen.”


“Do as much as you can, for as long as you can.”


“If you’re happy on the inside, that should transfer to the outside.”


“How many more summers do you have left?”


“The proper function of man is to live not to exist.”


“If I succeeded in one thing, I’ve failed in 1000 times, but I’m very proud to say that I’ve always given everything my best shot.”


“I hope your audience can listen to the show at least twice. Just twice and get the meaning beyond listening but receiving it in your heart and hopefully doing something with that information. That is the ticket.”


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