Deborah Dubree: Raising The Bar

“Action trumps fear.”

-Deborah Dubree



Average is an addiction
Deborah Dubree quote


Whether it’s diving with big white sharks, racing a formula car or running a $20 million commercial construction company, Deborah Dubree ( is anything but average.


“Average is an addiction”


she says. And that saying just happens to be the title of her book that delves into what creates excellence for each of us.



Excellence is unique to each individual. It comes from a combination of drive and deep self understanding, which is often realized as we work to understand our emotions, find their source, and sometimes re-wire our responses. It’s creating a conceptual change about how we think about ourselves that allows us to push past often self created barriers to achieve.

Drawing on several decades of experience, Deborah combines neuroscience, social-emotional intelligence, positive psychology, neuro-gamification and more to help her clients wire themselves for excellence. Deborah works with C Suite executives, professional athletes, managers and other high achieving individuals who want to up their game.

Excellence is an inherent driver in Deborah’s own story. She started out as a receptionist. But that didn’t last long. Quickly outgrowing the position, she took a huge gamble and applied for a construction accounting job with her firm.


“I had two problems. One I knew nothing about construction and two, I’d never taken an accounting class in my life.”


Dubree Construction Site

Construction accounting wasn’t among Deborah’s current skill set. Yet.


But her perseverance and work ethic paid off and she rose through the company, eventually becoming the CEO.

Deborah sold the company some time ago and founded ClearEdge, LLC which focuses on consulting for excellence in business and in life.


“We are all holding ourselves back in areas and behaving and thinking average.”


Her multi-disciplinary, individualized approach to excelling in life will have you thinking: Can I do better, be better, and find my own level of excellence?




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Deborah Dubree


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Deborah Dubree: A Quest To Be One’s Best


Leadership has many qualities. One of them is our humanity.

“It’s understanding the human-ness of us that really makes a good leader.”


Deborah’s multidisciplinary approach to leadership and excellence is outlined in her book HOWL! as well as Average Is An Addiction. In both, she draws from her own experiences, climbing the corporate ladder in a traditionally male environment. Intelligence, common sense and a bit of street smarts can lead to some pretty amazing results.

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Deborah Dubree on Excellence and Self Reflection



“What really pisses you off? People performing average when they’re so much better than that.”

“Why do people settle? Because we are human.”

“Making the choice is the easy part. The hard part is when you get to courage.”

“What you’re really looking for is…to have courage to do the actions, habits and the behaviors and develop the thoughts that it takes to feel confident.”

(With courage) “We are building evidence for ourselves that we can do it.”

“Every time we take a courageous action, fear will be there.”

“As we become curious, we gain more knowledge…so we can take that courageous action.”

“What are the triggers we have, both good and bad?”

“There is no way you can lead others until you learn to lead yourself.”

“It’s understanding the human-ness of us that really makes a good leader .”






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