Deborah Dubree: The Psychology of Success


“Self awareness is the key to all the decisions you’ll make.”

-Deborah Dubree


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Chicago, Sports, and Psychology

Deborah Dubree grew up in Chicago, loving sports. That childhood love would manifest itself many years later in her career as she started coaching professional athletes. But Deborah’s coaching isn’t on the field. It is in the mind, heart and soul of each individual she works with.

In Deborah’s first act she went from answering phones as a receptionist to become the Owner/President of a $20 million construction company. What does one do as an encore?

Deborah’s encore has manifested itself in two books (Average Is An Addiction, HOWL) and and most importantly in a new line of work with her company ClearEdge. Her goal:


“I started this whole thing with the underlying truth that I’m trying to stop people’s struggle.

The struggle they have is within.”


Getting to the root of a problem, Deborah employs a host of modalities. There are three pillars, she explains: Mental, Emotional, and Psychological. Each has a role to play in how we experience and frame our beliefs. Exploring those experiences can allow us to both understand and recreate our belief systems to manifest our best life.


“My goal is to touch the high achievers who listen, learn, and implement change. Then they repeat it.

They become my teachers for me.”


Deborah works with entrepreneurs, C suite executives, professional athletes and the organizations they are a part of. She got her start in the NFL in a most creative way. Come listen to how this amazing woman is crafting her second act and how it is impacting lives all over the world.





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Deborah Dubree on The Psychology of Success

Deborah Dubree On Manifesting Your Best Life



“As we start to know ourselves, we can better understand those around us.”


“Self awareness is the key to all the decisions you’ll make.”


“How can we change the landscape of leadership from what it used to be to what is required now.”


“You will act according to what you believe even if your belief is false.”


“The key is to work with the emotions.”







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