Vicki Matthews: The Five Elements


“I didn’t think I liked the man I loved!

It began a journey to understand him.”


-Vicki Matthews

Author, The Five Elements of Relationships

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The Five Elements of Relationships


Vicki Matthews started off thinking she’d become a doctor. And she did; a naturopathic doctor. The basics of both schools of study are the same. Naturopathy differs in that it eschews surgery and shots and uses natural ways such as herbs and homeopathy to support healing in the body.

Vicki also has a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing and Consumer Behavior from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Her curiosity and love of learning also led her to study Chinese Medicine.

The combination of west and east resonated with her. Meanwhile, in her naturopathic practice, she saw may physical problems triggered by emotional issues. Relationships were often at the heart of these issues. How could one better understand these dynamics?

Vicki’s answer can be found in her book The Five Elements of Relationships. The model predicts predicts interactions between personalities. Wit this predictive power, people learn how to best interact with each other.

Five Elements


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“This model works amazingly at helping people understand themselves and each other.”


“Understanding is the key to relationships.”


“We have all five elemental energies.”


“I started seeing personalities in there.”


“It’s a wonderful tool for parents.”


“We are out of balance as a culture right now. We can bring balance back in our family, our business, our relationships. And that’s a big start.”



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