Emily Gold Mears: Creating Health For 2023


“Be your own health care advocate.”

-Emily Gold Mears

Jodi studies death
Jodi studies death

Where do you start with becoming your own health care advocate? Medicine is a complex black box for most of us, and many of the answers may lie outside the allopathic box. Where does one even start?

Emily Gold Mears became interested in health when her father developed vascular dementia, a neurodegenerative disease, which leads to a slow and consistent demise. Watching her father motivated her to take a deep dive into the topic of ‘what creates health’. What she learned opened her eyes and led to her writing a book Optimizing Your Health: An Approachable Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Chronic Disease.


Emily tackles a wide range of topics. But part of her advice is to find a functional medicine doctor who can help you get a baseline of data.


“You cannot fix what you cannot measure.”


From there, you can be your own health care advocate.

This is a far ranging discussion about creating a broader, sustainable and empowering definition of health. Like Emily’s book, our conversation goes well beyond the traditional allopathic model that tends to treat symptoms rather than find the root cause. Join us for a conversation about becoming your own health care advocate.

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Emily Gold Mears on Becoming Your Own Health Care Advocate

Emily Gold Mears: The Path To Health


“My father’s neurodegenerative disease was a slow and consistent demise.”


“I watched how the traditional health care  system treated his condition and I truly was horrified because it was just about giving him one pharmaceutical after another, often working at cross purposes.”


“People have to get sick and realize that the conventional health care system isn’t going to help them.”


“You cannot fix what you cannot measure.”


“We become our habits.”




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