Hiking The Grand Tetons: Silas Peterson

Backpacking the Grand Tetons
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Hiking Grand Teton National Park

Silas Peterson

Silas Peterson in the Grand Tetons


Mountains have a certain romance.

And some danger.

Hiking the Grand Tetons offers both adventure and risk. Paintbrush Divide is a popular destinations for hikers, backpackers and outdoorsman. Its rugged landscape, high altitudes, steep trails and snow fields that can last through he summer months offer challenge for the ultra-fit.


Grand teton

The Grand Tetons



Silas Peterson is among the ultra-fit and conditioning was not an issue. So, with friends, on Bastille Day 2014, on the last day of a 6 day backpacking trip in the Grand Tetons, crossing a snow field didn’t seem like an issue. Ice axe in hand, Silas started across the field. But his hold slipped and he tumbled hundreds of feet down the 60 degree slope, across a scree field, and landed on his face.


“This is not going to be good.”



Grand Teton

Crossing a snow field has its dangers


scree field

A scree field is comprised of rock fragments that accumulate at the base of a mountain.


His story is both horrifying and inspiring.



​Bump In The Road:

Silas Peterson


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Backpacking the Grand Tetons

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Some Quotes and Thoughts on Hiking the Grand Tetons and Life In General


“We’re all on the right path to learn what we need to learn.”


“Can’t you see it’s already perfect.”


“I had an ice axe in my hand…My feet slipped.”


“This is not going to be good.”


“I hit face first into a boulder.”


“Lying there, I didn’t really know if I’d live or die.”


“I was filled with overwhelming gratitude. It was like being reborn.”


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