Heather Moulder: The Power In Vulnerability


“You think of normal as that time before, right?

The problem is you can’t go back because you’ve changed.”


-Heather Moulder


​Bump In The Road:

Heather Moulder on Cancer, Vulnerability, and Gratitude




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Heather Moulder: Vulnerability, Gratitude and Cancer


Heather Moulder is a high achiever. As partner in a major law firm, she’d worked hard to build a substantial client base. But she walked away from it all. Not at once, but over time as she integrated her experience with a deadly breast cancer into the reality of the rest of her life.

Trying to act as if everything was back to normal after a year of breast cancer treatments and surgeries just wasn’t working. Heather was disconnected with her new post cancer life, and didn’t know where to turn. She noted that

“I gotta figure this out because this, this going back, isn’t working.”



Heather’s aha moment didn’t come overnight. It took time, and she took the time to consider what might lie outside the law.


“Give yourself permission to pause.”


Integrating her experiences from cancer, Heather saw the impact that vulnerability and gratitude brought to her life. She understood the precious value of time and of living a life congruent with ones’ values. But in a hectic world, how does one even define one’s values?
A friend’s suggestion to look into coaching provided the prod Heather needed. Today she has an established coaching practice that focuses on lawyer and helping them create values based practices that are sustaining rather than draining.   Having been on both sides of the fence, Heather brings compassion and understanding to helping people live their best life.
There is so much wisdom in this conversation. You don’t have to have cancer to benefit from Heather’s insights from her experience. All you need is an ear and an open mind, and the ability to reflect on your own life.

Heather Moulder: Cancer Lessons



“You’re going to change based on your experiences.”


“Be more aware of what’s going on inside of your mind.”


“What do I choose to believe moving forward?”


“What do I believe? What are my values? How have they changed.”


“It forced me to do was to realize a lot of the little tiny things that we take for granted in everyday life.”


“It’s very hard to see and understand what our beliefs are, where they came from, and how they control us.”



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