Alla Kalyuzhny: Past Lives, Current Wisdom




“Do we recreate relationships and situations again and again until we resolve them?”

-Alla Kalyuzhny



Bump In The Road:

Allah Kalyuzhny on Wisdom from our Past

Alla Kaluzhny on How Our Past Influences Our Present and Future


Have you ever wondered about your past?

Do you have a fear of something inexplicable? A love of something? Do you wonder where these preferences come from?

Allah K’s book Turning The Pages: How Exploring My Past Lives Led Me on the Journey of Healing Memories, and What I Learned While Traveling Back in Time explores her own past lives and what that’s meant for her present life.


Alla says that we are on this planet to learn.


This is a school planet. Besides other things, it’s a school. We cannot move on to the next class until we finish our lessons.


Those lessons come in the form of emotional triggers that we must unravel. Why does a particular person set you off? What is your reaction and why do you react that way.

Part of the answer, says Alla, is to connect with our past lives with understanding compassion and forgiveness. Alla started on this path when modern medicine couldn’t find the root of her back pain. But she found the cause in a past life.

Alla has a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology. In addition, she is trained in hypnosis, which she uses as a tool to go into her subconscious and reach the places that are not readily accessible.

Expanded self awareness, enhanced intuition and self forgiveness have guided Alla into her quest for past lives. Come listen in as we discuss her journey.



Allah Kaluzhny On Finding Deeper Consciousness



“We are here on this planet to learn. This is a school planet.”


“We cannot we cannot go move on to the next class until we finish lessons.” 


“I learned self hypnosis, and that allowed me to go inside to reach my subconscious mind and reach the places that are not readily available.”


“The value of the book is that itt goes deep into the subconscious mind and allows other people who read it to tap into their own memories. So the healing happens.”


“The subconscious mind does not know what is reality or imagination. So it’s better to treat our subconscious gently.”


“Before tapping into their past life, I would suggest people tap into their intuition and expand their self awareness.”



Bump in the Road

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