Kenya Lee: Trauma and Triumph



“I had to become better. It was non-negotiable”

-Kenya Lee

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Kenya Lee on Life, Trauma and Success


Kenya has had a bumpy road. Reflecting on her childhood, she notes that self awareness wasn’t a skill set she was taught. But it would turn out to be a lynchpin in Kenya’s life.

Kenya grew up in a middle class home in Detroit. Her parents believed in the prototypical American dream of a better life for their daughter. But Kenya found herself attracted to urban street culture and it sent her life on a somewhat different path.

Kenya became pregnant. Her little girl was delivered prematurely and did not live. After ten hours of labor, Kenya asked herself:


What is going on with my life?

Why am I witnessing this?


She named the child Faith.


“I was weakest at that moment when losing that baby. And yet I felt the strongest all  in one.

That’s a heck of a duality.”


Faith sent Kenya on a new life direction in a quest for self understanding and awareness. She has written a book,   and counsels other women looking for greater authenticity.

Kenya is full of wisdom, kindness,  and humility. Here is her book::



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Kenya Lee: Life, Trauma and Wisdom


“All the triumphs I had, most of them came from trauma.”


“Sometimes the universe will give you a situation that cannot be denied.”


“You have the ability to change things.”


“If we don’t take the time to go within to figure out what’s important, we’re in a world of trouble.”


“Those uncomfortable moments create that vulnerability that we need to be able to take inventory of what’s happening to push us to a greater way of life.”


“Give yourself a little bit of grace.”



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