Jacklyn Ryan: Scary Stories from Hiring a Caregiver




“Be aware and be prepared.”

-Jacklyn Ryan

Bump In The Road:

Jacklyn Ryan on the Challenges of Caregiving

Caring for a loved on is a rocky road both  financially and emotionally. Add in a hired caregiver, who may or may not pass a background check, and you have a situation that can go haywire quickly.

Jacklyn learned this the hard way. In her book, she shares stories about caregiving and reveals an industry that is sloppy in its hiring practices and rife with opportunities to financially take advantage of the very people they’re hired to care for. From first hand experience, she notes that



“a common problem with the caregivers is the financial exploitation.”


“There’s also mental exploitation,” she explains. Jacklyn’s stories will scare you. And they should. Caregiving situations are something most of us will face and Jacklyn’s experiences and insights might just save you. Her book is called  Caregivers ScareTakers.


“Talk with your loved ones before a crisis happens, before something happens,”


she warns. And in this podcast she shares why these conversations are so important.



Jacklyn Ryan On Caregiving



“These caregivers that come into your home might not be background checked and more than likely not fingerprinted.”


“Bypass the agency and hire direct.”


“A common problem with the caregivers is the financial exploitation.”


“It’s wrong to accept gifts and money from clients or their family. So that’s a red flag.”


“Be aware and be prepared.”


Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

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