Manoj Krishna: The Human Wisdom Project

“Every problem we face begins in our thinking.”

-Manoj Krishna

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Manoj Krishna: On Cultivating Wisdom


Manoj Krishna has spent the majority of his professional life as a spine surgeon. But a story about suffering touched him deeply, causing  him to shift his attention to cultivating wisdom. Wisdom, according to Manoj, is a journey of learning about ourselves. It’s a deep and endless voyage, of stripping away our conditioning to better understand your true self.


“We are all conditioned by our past influences and we’re not aware we’re conditioned.”


For many of us, our life path follows a predictable path of study, accomplishment and reward, followed by the acquisition of things. In his book,  “Understanding Me Understanding You An Inquiry Into Being Human” Manoj writes:



“Emptiness leads to desire;

Desire leads to pleasure;

Pleasure leads to effort;

Effort leads to attainment;

Attainment leads to emptiness;

Emptiness leads to desire.

We then chase the next desire so we can get the same feeling of elation again.




“Because we do not see the link between our conditioning and our actions, we are yoked to our past.,” Manoj explains. But creating a new path forward is totally possible.

Manoj Krishna is on a mission for greater peace and awareness. He is the creator of the Human Wisdom Project, which aims to introduce self-awareness into the educational system. What are the benefits of learning this type of internal inquiry as part of a school curriculum at a young age? How might it change our world? Come listen in on our conversation.


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Manoj Krishna On The Wisdom Within

Manoj Krishna: On Cultivating Wisdom



“This journey of looking and learning about ourselves is wisdom.”


“It’s a simple question of waking up.”


“Wisdom brings illumination. Illumination brings transformation.”


“Every problem we face begins in our thinking.”


“You start this journey of learning, it takes you deeper and deeper… all our journeys of learning go to one question. Who am I?”


“The more we travel inwards, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we realize we’re all connected .”


“Your mind looks to the outside for things to make it feel good on the inside.”


“If we truly want to be happy we need to go on this journey inwards.


“Your life on the outside could be ordinary but with wisdom on the inside it can be extraordinary.”

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