Simon Rinne: Mindfulness and Men’s Health


I ​discovered  ​the ​courage ​to ​be ​authentic ​by ​being ​mindful ​and ​living ​a ​conscious ​life, ​as ​opposed ​to ​a ​life ​that ​for ​so ​long, ​I ​lived ​almost ​on ​an ​autopilot.”

-Simon Rinne

Bump In The Road:

Simon Rinne on Mens Mental Health

Ever felt overwhelmed by life’s challenges? Simon Rinne’s story is a profound exploration of overcoming mental health struggles and finding true authenticity. From battling OCD and depression to embracing sobriety and mindfulness, Simon’s journey is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. Be  inspired by his transformation and learn how mindfulness can help navigate the twists and turns of life.

Simon’s tale is a story of awakening, of finding solace in the support of loved ones, and of the courage to seek help. His turning point came with a diagnosis that, rather than shackle him, granted him the power of knowledge. With this knowledge, he began to dismantle the social constructs of masculinity that had long dictated his behavior, and he started to embrace his vulnerability.

This is a narrative that resonates with anyone who has ever felt the weight of mental health issues or the societal pressure to conform to a certain image.  Simon’s voice is a beacon of hope, encouraging men to shed the armor of traditional masculinity and to embrace their authentic selves. His story is a testament to the fact that even when life seems to be an endless cycle of autopilot, there is a way back to oneself.


I ​discovered ​this ​thing ​called ​mindfulness, ​and ​the ​courage ​to ​be ​authentic ​by ​being ​mindful ​and ​living ​a ​conscious ​life, ​as ​opposed ​to ​a ​life ​that ​for ​so ​long, ​I ​lived ​almost ​on ​an ​autopilot.”


Simon’s path to recovery and self-discovery is not just his own. It’s a shared path that he draws upon to help other men find their way. In his podcast, Mindful Men, he’s becomes the guide he never had, using his experiences to support other men on their journey to mental wellness.

Don’t miss this episode. It’s a conversation that could very well be the catalyst for your own journey towards a more mindful and authentic life.

Simon Rinne: Authenticity and Masculinity



“As ​a ​boy, ​to ​show ​any ​sign ​of ​weakness, I’d ​be ​labeled ​as ​someone ​who ​was ​soft ​or ​weak ​or ​a ​girl ​or ​gay.”

“Hypermasculinity ​is ​what ​we ​knew.”

“I’m actually a vulnerable, soft, empathetic guy who is tired of living up to these stereotypes.”

“I ​created ​this ​therapy ​clinic ​for ​guys ​to ​be ​the ​guy ​that ​I ​never ​had ​growing ​up.”

“Behind every cloud is a blue sky.”




Bump in the Road

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