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Mia Spano-Curtis runs the website wwww.BSBreastcancer.com, along with her friend and business partner Sondra Price. Mia was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 39 years of age. Little did she know that the next 14 years of her life would be dominated by over 20 reconstructive  surgeries. It’s a heart breaking story of surgical mishaps and their impact on one woman’s life.



Mia and Sondra from the homepage of www.BCBreastCancer.com


Women with breast cancer have numerous options in terms of reconstruction right away, later or not at all. And everything in between. The media would have one believe that everyone sails through this with a perfect body afterwards. It’s all pink and roses.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


Breast cancer is a series of diseases, with varying risks and outcomes. It’s a disease that impacts one’s sense of sense of self on a most profound level. And it’s been the advocacy of women like Mia Spano-Curtis and Sondra Price who are changing the recovery roadmap for the people that will follow.

BCBreast Cancer

Mia was only 39 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The notion that it only a disease of those 50+ is not true.


People of all ages, races and sex are impacted by breast cancer. Yes, men can (and do) get breast cancer too! And after the treatment, the stress and the pain of treatment comes the most difficult part: putting your life back together again.

Mia’s story is one of taking action, only to find that perhaps it wasn’t the best decision. And she’s been dealing with the repercussions of surgery and reconstruction for 14 years and counting. What wisdom would she pass along as a result of her experiences? Listen, learn and share, because the lessons extend well beyond cancer.

Mia is active daily on Twitter. You can find her tweets and thoughts at @BSBreastCancer.

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