Nancy Orlen Weber: The Psychic Detective

“I’m fascinated by things I don’t know.”

-Nancy Orlen Weber

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Nancy Orlen Weber: On Using Our Psyche



If you were psychic, what would you do with it?

This is a story of a remarkable woman who survived an attempted murder by her first husband, saved her baby, and overcame multiple health issues. And along the way she found a set of psychic skills that set her in a most unexpected direction.

Nancy Orlen Weber first discovered her psychic skills working in health care, where she could easily and intuitively diagnose patients.  Doctors were stunned. But it was in law enforcement where Nancy’s skills truly shined when she started to help detectives solve cases. Her psychic powers led police to solve murders, embezzlement and other crimes.

She’s written two books, The Life of A Psychic Detective and All Nature Speaks: Conversations With Pets and Wildlife.


Phychic detective

Phychic detective


Nancy’s story is beyond stunning. You can read more on her website. And you can listen in on our conversation that will make you stop and think about what our minds can really do.




​Bump In The Road:

Nancy Orlen Weber, Psychic Detective

Nancy Orlen Weber



“Psychic is intuition plus.”


“Psychiatry taught me that my gifts were really a gift.


“My work is spiritual counseling. “


“Teaching is healing. You’re planting seeds.”


“If we don’t like ourselves, we won’t be intuitive for ourselves.”


“A healthy dog knows who is a good person. We’re the same in that aspect.”


“Our mind is not us. It’s an instrument. It’s also the instrument that stores the trauma. “


“Recognize that out of most trauma, the Phoenix does rise.”




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