Nancy Rynes: A Near Death Experience


“Your most powerful tool is your power of choice.”

-Nancy Rhynes



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Nancy Rynes NDE


A Near Death Experience And An Unexpected Spiritual Path


Nancy Rynes identified as an atheist. But a bike ride one January day in her hometown of Boulder, CO changed that.


I was an atheist.

I didn’t believe in anything spiritual. 

Because I couldn’t measure it it didn’t exist for me.


Nancy was running some errands on her bike when she was hit by an SUV and dragged a considerable distance. Her injuries were extensive, with more than one hundred broken bones, pelvic injuries and an shattered spine that required immediate surgery. During the surgery her heart stopped, her blood pressure went to zero, and she had a near death experience (NDE) that changed her life.


Near death experience

Nancy after her accident

Nancy’s wisdom from her near death experience is simple, yet profound. Her book, Awakenings From The Light,  goes into detail about her NDE, and some of the knowledge she took away from it.


near death experience

Nancy Rynes’ story about her NDE


Nancy encountered many changes after this event. One was learning to leave the confines of linear thinking behind and start to move forward with more intuition. Learning to be present was also life changing:


Making that shift into living in the present was not only an eye opener, but a life expander.



Being present can be as simple as consciously choosing to focus on an everyday event, like doing the dishes, taking a walk in nature, or working in the garden.  Living in the present leads to a more soulful life. Nancy notes:


The soul doesn’t like all these rigid plans.

The soul is more focused on the present.


Post accident, Nancy has become more attuned to her soul and the power of one’s thoughts. To cultivate that awareness, one of Nancy’s practices is a gratitude practice. Gratitude, she notes, is a form of love and in our conversation she offers some ways to use the power of choice to power your thoughts towards love and gratitude.

Nancy is also a contemporary western artist. Her work is available in galleries in Colorado and New York and through her website,



near death experience

Bear Lodge


near death experience

Cool Mountain Morning


Nancy Rynes Contemporary Western Art

Intimidation Tactics


One of the reasons I share stories  of near death experiences is that for each person, it’s a substantial bump in the road. It often changes their world view and offers insight and wisdom that align with all the spiritual traditions. Like others who have had a similar experience, Nancy’s NDE was a pivot point. It revealed to her an energetic perspective of the world that celebrated love and beauty and optimism.

This is an incredible conversation about one woman’s near death experience, and how it changed her life. It  touches on awareness, gratitude, love, and so much more. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


​Bump In The Road:

Nancy Rynes 

Nancy Rynes: Wisdom From A Near Death Experience



“I was not on track to where I was supposed to be spiritually.”


“Allow, let go, and let spirit work in your life.”


“What do you want your life to feel like?”


“Spirit, God, the Universe is a lot smarter than I am.”


“I don’t let that analytical brain run the show anymore.”


“The road I was on spiritually was leading me to being more centered in the now, not worrying about the future or regretting the past.”


“Making that shift into living in the present was not only an eye opener but a life expander. I was focused, centered, present.”


“Acknowledge your intuition and go with the loving choice.”


“When gratitude is real, it is another form of love.”

Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

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