Shameeka Baptist: Overcoming the Foster Care System

“Your past does not define your present or your future.”


-Shameeka Baptist

Bump In The Road:

Shameeka Baptist on Surviving the Foster Care System

Overcoming the Foster Care System



Shameeka Baptist’s story is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. Shameeka talks about her tumultuous journey through the foster care system, the abuse she endured, and how she rose above her circumstances to become a beacon of hope for others.

Shameeka’s story is one of childhood neglect and abuse.  But despite the odds stacked against her, including a period of homelessness after aging out of foster care, Shameeka’s resilience shines through.


“Your past does not define your present or your future.”


Today, Shameeka is a four-time self-published author and an inspirational speaker. She is a mother and a role model who proves that the past does not have to define the future. Her message is clear: no matter how bad things seem, there is always a way forward, and you are never alone in your struggles.


Shameeka Baptist



“Even when you think you’re alone, you’re never alone in life.”


“Your past does not define your present or your future.”


“Healing is an everyday journey. It is an everyday obstacle. It is an everyday process.”


Bump in the Road

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