Paul Zolman: How Do You Want To Be Loved?

“If you can blame someone for anything, you don’t have to change.”

-Paul Zolman

Bump In The Road:

Paul Zolman- What’s Your Love Language?

Have you ever felt trapped by the shadows of your past, particularly when those shadows are cast by generational anger and emotional turmoil?Meet Paul Holman, a man who courageously shares his journey from being ensnared in a legacy of anger to finding freedom through love and understanding.

Paul’s story is not just about personal transformation; it’s a beacon of hope for anyone who believes they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. Growing up in an environment where anger was the primary emotion, Paul vowed at 17 to create a different life for himself and his future children. Yet, despite his best intentions, he found himself perpetuating the very patterns he despised.

It wasn’t until the age of 35, after the end of his first marriage and a series of life-altering realizations, that Paul truly began to take responsibility for his actions. He embarked on a quest to break the cycle of anger, diving into resources like The Color Code and The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. These tools, combined with a healthy dose of introspection, led Paul to a novel approach to fostering love and kindness.

Paul’s invention, the Roll of Love game, is a playful yet profound method to practice the love languages daily. His story of how this game came to be, the challenges he faced along the way, and the joy it has brought into his life is nothing short of inspirational.

This episode is a masterclass in emotional intelligence and the power of love languages to change the way we interact with the world. Paul’s insights into the importance of focusing on the good in people, rather than their faults, are a valuable lesson for us all.

Listen to the full episode and join Paul on his remarkable journey from anger to enlightenment.


Paul Zolman on Love and Self Responsibility



“If you can blame someone for anything, you don’t have to change.”


“I’m responsible for my stuff.”


“Whatever you magnify or whatever you focus on is going to get larger.”


“Focus on what’s right about that person. Forget the weaknesses.”


“When you move that focus, you’ll be able to get out of that.”

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