Shaun Hayes: From Financier to Federal Prison


“We don’t live in a world that’s 50%, black and 50% white.  It’s a lot of degrees of gray

-Sean Hayes

Bump In The Road:

Shaun Hayes-An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Shaun Hayes: From Financier to Federal Prison


Shaun Hayes is the cofounder and former CEO of Allegiant Bancorp, headquartered In St. Louis Missouri. Shaun bought his first bank at 29, and was CEO of a bank at 32. By age 35, Shaun was running  a public company. At 44, he sold his company for half a billion dollars.

Fast forward a few years and Shaun found himself in Federal prison for 37 months. He lost his friends, his family, his freedom and his fortune.

Shaun’s wild ride from nothing to everything and back is an incredible tale. He reflects that


“Prison taught me to think about my thinking,”


Shaun’s book, Big-Time Banking to the Big House ( and Back)”  is a fascinating read of one man’s drive, his downfall and his resurrection. Join us for an incredible conversation.

Shaun Hayes: An Entrepreneur Goes From Financier to Federal Prison



“I guess I would say I’ve had one of the most interesting lives that someone can have.”


“There’s a saying in life, that seldom do people realize their greatest dreams or worst fears.


“I’ve been fortunate enough that I have exceeded my greatest dreams.”


“I believe most decisions are driven by greed and fear or a combination thereof.” 


“Part of the entrepreneurial spirit of building something is finding a way to make things happen.” 


“I spent my whole life thinking I was in control. But I wasn’t.”



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