Steve Gamlin: Humoring Your Dreams


“”Leave at least one situation a day better than you find it.””

-Steve Gamlin

Bump In The Road:

Steve Gamlin on Humoring Your Dreams

Steve Gamlin has a great sense of humor. And he applies that to his life.

Steve’s journey began with a childhood dream to become a radio DJ, a stand-up comedian, an author, and a teacher—but not in the traditional sense. Fast forward through the years, and Steve has realized each of these professions. However, the road was far from smooth. He describes his challenges as “dumpster-sized potholes,” which included a career burnout, a divorce, and a significant debt that led him to move back with family at the age of 35.

What makes Steve’s story so compelling isn’t just the setbacks he faced but how he rose from them. With the help of a life coach and an unusual yet cathartic experience at a driving range during a thunderstorm, Steve found clarity and laughter in the midst of turmoil. This moment marked a turning point, leading him to pursue motivational speaking and stand-up comedy, aligning with his childhood aspirations.

Throughout the episode, Steve shares his insights on rebuilding life after loss, the power of vision boards, and the importance of journaling and gratitude. His tale is peppered with humor, from skydiving mishaps to the serenity he found in the silent sky.

Steve’s story is not just about the bumps in the road but about the journey of self-discovery and the joy of helping others. He emphasizes the significance of surrounding oneself with positive influences and the strength found in humility and connection to nature.

This episode is more than just a narrative; it’s a blueprint for anyone looking to overcome adversity and find meaning in their life’s journey. Steve’s infectious spirit and insightful anecdotes will leave you motivated to tackle your own “bumps in the road” with courage and a smile.

Tune in to this episode to witness a story of transformation that will inspire you to laugh, reflect, and perhaps even dare to dream again.


Steve Gamlin on Humor in Speaking


“It started off just in Toastmasters.”


“They would give me all the tools I needed to become a speaker.”


“I never tell stories. I relive them for my audience.”


“I like to joke I’ve jumped out of three perfectly good airplanes with 2.5 perfectly packed parachutes.”


“The past five years have been very difficult. I refer to them as three deaths in a pandemic.”


“It was a gut punch, and it took me off my game for a while.”


“I believe there’s actually more good news in the world than bad.”

Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

I share stories about how people experience, manage and navigate life's bumps, hopefully using them as a pivot into a more conscious and meaningful life.