Jodi Wellman: How Death Can Help You Live

“I help people live with a purpose.”


-Jodi Wellman


Jodi studies death
Jodi studies death

Jodi Wellman: Death And The Good Life


Jodi is fascinated by death. But her fascination isn’t about your demise. It’s about using that inevitable fact as a motivator for living your best life. Jodi Is in a Masters Program at Penn’s renown psychology department.


“I wanted to study mortality as a motivator.”


“I want to create that dawning of awareness that wow this life is precious,” Jodi explains. To do so, she guides people in discovering their deepest values to pursue a meaningful life. But finding a purpose isn’t always easy because it involves risk. You need to step outside your daily routine to discover


“What lights you up?”


Pottery? French? Writing? Photography? It’s all about exploration and the willingness to cast aside what doesn’t work to find what does.

To find out what is most important to you, Jodi has put together an admittedly excessive list of hundreds of values. Defining one’s values is a first step into understanding what’s meaningful to you. Do you value consideration, for example, yet you have a friend who always shows up twenty minutes late? That may be an aha! moment about why that friendship isn’t all you’d like it to be.

What is your best life? How do you know if you’re not living it?

Boredom is a helpful signal that we are stuck in a habit trap. It suggests that we need to introduce movement and change into our life. Sometimes that means novelty. But on a deeper level, it’s really about being in the present moment. If you’re very aware of the present moment even novelty may fall by the wayside.

Death is inevitable. What shall we do between now and then?. Jodi breaks it down into Mondays.  “Do you know how many Mondays you have left?”  Jodi asks. You can reach her on her website




Join us for a terrific discussion of how the awareness of death can motivate us to live our best life.


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Jodi Wellman On Living Your Best Life

Jodi Wellman On Life, Death and Living Well


“I wanted to study mortality as a motivator.”


“It’s not about death; its about life.”


“If you knew you had a year to live; what would matter?”


“The first speed bump is awareness. What does it mean to follow our soul?”


“How do we create rituals routines ways of living to honor life?”


“To find a passion, you have to take risks on its behalf.”




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