Tama Kieves: Re-Designing Your Life

“When our plans fail, our destiny begins. We’re off the map. We’re on track for an awakening life.”


-Tama Kieves


Tama Kieves
Tama Kieves

How might a Harvard Law degree change your life? Would you be wealthy? Famous? Well regarded?

Tama Kieves graduated with honors from Harvard Law and landed a prestigious job. But it didn’t make her happy and ultimately she walked away from it all. With no clear idea of what might lie ahead.

So she began a new life, a life of reacquainting herself with who she really was. It was a non linear path towards her real dream, which was to write.


“I just couldn’t find my way in the world. I had to find myself first.”


Tama spent the first eleven years after leaving her corporate job essentially finding herself. And then in the twelfth year, she poured her heart into her first book



“If I had to tell you just one thing about thriving through uncertainty, I’d tell you this:

Do whatever it takes to discover, connect, and deepen your relationship to your Inspired Self.”


Life, Tama realized, wasn’t linear.


“Linear institutions celebrate left brain achievement; out society celebrates external and material achievement. Is it any wonder its so hard to find and follow our hearts?”


Taking an uncertain but heart felt path took courage, particularly when it came to family expectations. Being a writer just didn’t rank compared to being a Harvard lawyer. But Tama persevered, wrote 4 books, and built a successful coaching business where she helps others find their true path at TamaKieves.com.


“It takes a life-changing relationship with yourself to create a life-changing life.”


In this podcast we talk about Tama’s path, her various bumps in the road, and she shares some real wisdom we can all benefit from.

​Bump In The Road:

Tama Kieves




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Tama Kieves: Living An Inspired Life


Tama Kieves


Living an inspired life is more of an evolution than a revolution. It unfolds over time, with each small step building on the previous one. Tama’s not suggesting that you leave your job. Rather that you look within to see what inspires you and start to integrate it into your current life. It’s a life long process that is both challenging and rewarding.


“The level of consciousness that creates the problem is not the level of consciousness that can give birth to a solution.

We’re talking about a creative, inspired journey.”


In the second half of this podcast, Tama and I discuss the evolution of her faith, which she says was inspired by raw terror; the power of greater consciousness in crafting our lives, and where we go from here.  This is a terrific conversation about finding oneself and celebrating all life has to offer. Subscribe for free to listen in. Use the code FREEMONTH.

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Tama Kieves


“I felt emptier and emptier. What was I doing with my life?I wasn’t doing something that meant something to me.”


“I walked out of my law firm. Without a plan, without anything.”


“If you’ve been this successful doing something you don’t love, what could you do with what you love?”


“I think sometimes the unhappiness we have is so great because there is this inner brightness, inner instinct of something we really want.”


“If you want an incredible life—which I know you do—you must choose how you experience your experience. Because your response to your life is your life.”


“The story you tell yourself is the story you live. It’s uncanny how true this is.”


“It’s a strength to be undoing that which no longer works for you, even when you think it does. Undoing is progress, not mayhem.”


“When our plans fail, our destiny begins. We’re off the map. We’re on track for an awakening life.”


“It takes a life-changing relationship with yourself to create a life-changing life.”


“We are more than what’s in front of us. We are what’s inside us.”


“Don’t be so smart; it will make you stupid. This life is bigger than your brain.”


“The language of spirit is so large.”


“You would never be happy at the end of your days having played it bulletproof safe, never knowing where your expression could have gone.”


“Comparison is a blindfold, not a lens.”


“You haven’t yet fully lived your story. It’s the only reason you pine for someone else’s story.”


“Only those of us who are willing to be lost can truly find our way.”


“There is an inspired path inside each of us.”



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