Tina Kramer: Teaching Perceptual Learners


“When you have intelligent, failing students, what does that mean?”

-Tina Kramer

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Tina Kramer on Perceptual Learning

Perceptual Learning

Tina Kramer: Smart Kids, Autism and Perceptual Learners


Tina is a teacher by trade and by passion. She focuses on teaching perceptual learners.


“Part of the gift of being a perceptual learner is going off into your imagination.”


Perceptual learners tend to see in pictures, as opposed to language. Their minds are fast but this may not translate into success with traditional school work. Tina set out to understand this phenomenon which sometimes leans towards a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum.

Tina is familiar with autism. Her husband was diagnosed as being on the highly functional autistic spectrum. While a brilliant man, he was not totally totally present because of the autism.  During a period in which Tina and her family lived in Hong Kong, it was a doctor schooled in easter medicine that finally made the diagnosis. Years of missed communications suddenly made sense.


The anxiety and the depression that he used to deal with…

he was an incredibly successful man who was never ever happy.


Tina and her husband divorced, but they remain friends and business partners. Part of Tina’s business involves a sound device with a specific frequency and tone that helps perpetual people become more present. It’s rather like a meditation mantra, that focuses your mind, allowing your brain to be free of the noise that so often dominates our thoughts.

Tina’s journey to understand how people learn differently is a fascinating one that relies on tested teaching techniques, rather than drugs often prescribed for ADHD and similar attention deficit disorders.


“I am a teacher, I am not a doctor.

I have been blessed, I would say 90% of my clients that come to me on meds will get off their meds.”


This is a fascinating look at how our minds work and how we can all make them work better. Tina has an international client base. For more information on Tina and her services, visit SimpleLearningedu.com.



Tina Kramer: Learning To Learn




“A lot of kids are diagnosed with ADHD in this country. And the first step always seems to be to put them on drugs.”


“Getting people into their bodies is really hard today because everybody is living in their head with their electronic devices.”


“The sound device brings you into the present.”


“Medication decreases or becomes a part of their past.”

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