Brian Smith: On Grief and Growth



“Man is always seeking meaning.”

-Brian Smith

Spiritual journey

Finding Peace and Purpose In Grief


Brian Smith was faced with the unfaceable. He went to bed one night. The next morning, he went to rouse his fifteen year old daughter, Shayna, and she was dead.


“You go to bed one night, you’re living one world;

the next day you’re living in another world.”


How does a parent cope with such a terrible grief?

Shayna’s loss sent Brian on a spiritual quest. Since Brian was young, he’d always had a deep fear of death. That fear would lead him to explore near death experiences, looking for a greater meaning. As a chemical engineer by training, Brian’s queries took on a scientific, spiritual and philosophical perspective. He need to know, not just believe.

Brian works with others facing sudden, cataclysmic change at Helping Parents Heal. He also offers life coaching at


“It can happen to anyone anytime and there’s no reason to it.”


But humans like to have a reason for things, and diving into the unknown requires guidance. Through his consulting services Brian offers that guidance to other parents. His grief has been repurposed into helping others. Would he rewrite his story? Listen in to find out.

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Brian Smith On Finding Peace


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Brian Smith On Grief and Growth


“We see people out and walking; don’t these people realize the world has changed?”


“Forgive fully. Forgiveness is about yourself. “


“When you go far enough and you realize you’re nothing, you realize you’re everything.”


“First the universe taps you on the shoulder, then it hits you over the head.” 


“All the answers are within.”


“Even that God we seek is within us, not outside.”


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