Duality, Non-Duality and NDEs


“The entire world is made of oneness. The way we experience reality is dualistic in nature.”


Bump In The Road:

Duality and and NDEs

Join us as we dive deep into the concepts of duality, non-duality and near death experiences with three extraordinary guests: Mitch Presnick, Sherry Aimee, and David Maginley.

Mitch Presnick, a visiting fellow at the Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, shares his insights on Taoism and how the illusion of separateness contrasts with the recognition of oneness.

Sherry Aimee, a public speaker and near-death experience survivor, recounts her extraordinary journey of dying for over 90 minutes and the profound insights she gained.

David Maginley, a chaplain, author and near-death experiencer, provides a unique perspective from his extensive work in palliative and cancer care.

This episode explores how meditation, spirituality, and philosophical practices can help us navigate the complexities of life. Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning your journey, the insights shared by our guests will inspire you to look beyond the surface and embrace the oneness that connects us all.


Some Quotes from Our Conversation


“Duality is the illusion that we’re living in this separate world, inside of this body, encased in flesh and we’re looking out into a world that we’re foreign from.”


“We don’t really have a business life and a personal life anymore. I used to think I had a separate life. Now I just have a life.”


“Curiosity is very much a state where you feel alive.”


“Applied philosophy is exactly what a person in my position is trying to do.”


“The entire world is made of oneness. The way we experience reality is dualistic in nature.”


“The deeper I got into my body, the more my heart actually would break wide open.”


“Existence has objects, but objects do not have existence.”


“Time and space are essential for a dual experience.”



Bump in the Road

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