Kim Hayden: Resilience Personified

“We each have something uniquely us the makes us awesome.”


-Kim Hayden


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Kim Hayden: Resilience in Action


Kim Hayden has an incredible story to tell. From teenage mom and unemployed waitress to a successful realtor and the host of Kim Talks, Kim is influencing her world. She has a passion to encourage people to reach their true potential. This passion is born from some difficult times. Sexual abuse was part of Kim’s childhood and she has made the conscious decision to break the intergenerational pattern. And that’s just a start for this entrepreneurial powerhouse.

Kim calls her trek “From Kansas to Canada”. It’s a story of resilience, growth, and the willingness to embrace change.

Change comes in many forms. One is technology which is amplifying the voices of millions of women and changing lives. A simple cell phone, Kim notes, can influence entrepreneurship around the world. With her perspective of society’s move into the Information Age, Kim says:


“I think we’re heading into some incredible decades of growth and opportunity.”


Kim is focused on the challenges women face in today’s world. Her mission is to connect and provide inspiration and to encourage resilience.  People learn through stories like the ones Kim tells as she interviews entrepreneurial women on her podcast, Kim Talks.



Kim Hayden talks about resilience in her podcast “Kim Talks”


On being a realtor, Kim notes that real estate isn’t about the deal or the paperwork. It’s about listening and compassion. It’s about connection on a human level, and it’s about giving back.


“Knowledge is what serves. It take communication, compassion, compromise, conversation.


Kim’s emphasis on seeing-really seeing-people is part of her success. And part of her passion Come listen to this story of of chance, change and resilience, from Kansas to Canada.


​Bump In The Road:

Kim Hayden

Kim Hayden


“The faster you get past the shame, the faster you lean into and listen to yourself and find the things you’re magical at.”


“You cannot see the the change unless you’re wiling to be the change.”


“I wouldn’t to rewrite my childhood because it has given me compassion.”


“I could check out tomorrow and know I broke the circle of inscest that’s been going on in my family for generations.


“I see you. I value you. You are amazing.I want everyone to know I see them.”


“I wish I would have done this 10 years ago.”





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