Robin Hitt: Love, Parenting and Adoption

“Behavior is just an outcropping of what’s going on in the heart.”

-Robin Hitt

Author, Open-Eyed Adoption, RealHelp for Those Parenting Adoptees.

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Robin Hitt on Adoption

Spiritual journey
Robin Hitt is the author of the newly released book Open-Eyed Adoption, RealHelp for Those Parenting Adoptees.


Robin Hitt’s book on adoption


Robin’s story starts with 14 years of dealing with infertility. As an RN, Robin went on a surgical trip to the Dominican Republic. It was there she had an aha moment, that moved her from her angst over infertility into an adoption mindset. Robin and her husband would go onto adopt a two day old baby girl and three years later, a 5 day old little girl.

Robin was in love with her children, but over the years, she started to sense some dis-ease. She finally had the opportunity to speak to another mother who had adopted some children, and that conversation blew her away. Both mothers were seeing issues  that were identical, and they weren’t the typical issues adolescents face.

This sent Robin on a journey to better understand the adoptive process from numerous points of view. She interviewed birth moms, adoptive parents, adult adoptees, doctors, and therapists and wrote a book to encourage, educate, and equip adoptive parents as well as adult adoptees.

This is a story about love, and how different people have different viewpoints. It’s a must listen for all of us seeking to find clarity and truth in our situation. And it’s an absolute must for anyone touched by adoption.

Robin Hitt On Adoption


“For the first time, I felt validated and heard in my parenting, because here was another adoptive mom telling her story and the struggles they had had.”


“Imagine the confusion of a young of a young child a baby that is searching for everything that’s familiar for the smell, the sound, everything that they know their whole world, and it’s just absent.”


“The adoptee is looking for the owner of the womb, they’ve just been in for nine months, and they’re nowhere to be found. Their brain knows something happened, but they don’t have language to articulate what happened, or how they’re feeling.”


“Behavior is just an outcropping of what’s going on in the heart.”


“If we go after the heart, the behavior is going to follow.”

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