Christine Van Horn: The Elements of Character

“Children need to know what parents expect.”

-Christine Van Horn

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Character, Kids and Wisdom


Every generation reflects on the differences between their experiences and that of their children. But in this world, we’ve seen such a rapid growth of technology an d24/7 availability of “information” that things are different.


“Times are moving quickly info is coming at an incredible rate

Children don’t have the life experiences to sort this out.”


How does a parent cope? Christine Van Horn points to the importance of teaching your children to develop character and the critical life skill that help us navigate life’s bumps.


“Critical thought is so important.

Without it how do you make the right decisions in life?”


And critical thought evolves from learning, testing and reflecting on life’s events. From managing time to developing kindness, kids need guidance.


“I focus a lot on dinner table discussions.”


In her book, Teach Your Children Timeless Truths for Uncertain Times, Christine uses an an acronym: CHARACTER to guide parents in modeling affirming, thoughtful behavior for their kids:

C Core values strengthened
H Hope for the future comes more into light
A Assessment of self is conducted
R Renewal of self-worth
A Appreciation is enhanced
C Communication skills become sharper
T Trust with others is increased
E Ethical qualities are better displayed
R Reveals a more accurate identity of the person 



It’s all about character says Christine Van Horn


Join us for a thoughtful discussion talking about growing up yesterday, today and tomorrow, and about how each generation can learn from each other.




​Bump In The Road:

Christine Van Horn on Character

Christine Van Horn On Championing Character


“Champions are not born…they become.”


“Champions are not the product of a protected environment.”


“Champions learn what to ignore and what to pursue.”


“Champions decide what to magnify…and what to minimize.”


“Champions focus on tomorrow instead of yesterday…their
possibilities instead of their pain.”

Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

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