Thom Walters: The Zen of Change

“What can I learn from this?”

-Thom Walters

Bump In The Road:

Thom Walters on the Zen of Change

Tom Walters is the creator and host of the popular podcast Zen Communter. Thom is a long time meditator, meditation teacher and speaker with over 40 years of experience. In this podcast Thom shares  his thoughts and experiences on  the transformative power of meditation, from its ability to shift our perceptions to its role as a gateway to inner peace. Thom expresses his gratitude for his life and for his podcast guests:


“I’m just surrounded by love and wisdom every day.” 

  Join us as we explore how meditation can change not just our minds, but our entire approach to life, and how embracing change can lead to a deeper, more fulfilling existence. Listen in and find out why, despite life’s ups and downs, Tom wouldn’t change a thing about his journey. And for a special treat, the second half of the podcast, behind the scenes of the main podcast. This is usually available only for Bump II subscribers. Enjoy, and if you can, please consider supporting this podcast!

Thom Walters: Finding the Zen



“Meditation, at its core, goes against the very nature of society.” 


“Society never says just sit, just turn inward.”


“All thoughts are made up.”


“If we just stop and look at them and say, okay, it’s a thought. and just look at it very objectively, it kind of loses its power.”


“If thoughts are ephemeral, they’re not tangible, they’re not meaningful, they’re just thoughts. What is real?”


“Life is beautiful. If you get out of your own way, if you stop running from thoughts, stop embracing fear and fearful circumstances, stop embracing beliefs that aren’t real.”

Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

I share stories about how people experience, manage and navigate life's bumps, hopefully using them as a pivot into a more conscious and meaningful life.