Zya Be: The Conundrum of Retirement




I ​always ​thought ​retirement ​would ​be ​fantastic, ​and ​it ​wasn’t.”

-Zya Be

Bump In The Road:

Zya Be On Life After the Corporate World

Zya ​Be ​built ​a ​successful ​corporate ​career ​in ​organizational ​change ​consulting, ​including ​starting ​her ​own ​company. She’s ​traveled ​the ​globe ​solo, ​contributed ​to ​a ​best ​selling ​book ​on ​creativity, ​and ​now ​she ​has ​her ​own ​podcast, ​Your Hell Yes Life where ​she ​tells ​the ​stories ​of ​other ​fearless ​women. 

But fearlessness isn’t the only component of living a “Hell Yes Life”. The path comes with some bumps in the road.


So ​I ​semi ​retired, ​but ​I ​was ​48 ​at ​the ​time, ​and ​people ​at ​48 ​are ​not ​around. ​So ​I ​was ​actually ​quite ​bored ​for ​a ​year.”


She realized that what she was looking for was a deep ​inner ​yes. ​Zya reflects:


“That ​one ​that ​I ​yearned ​to ​follow ​all ​those ​years ​when ​I ​was ​doing ​what ​I ​thought ​I ​should ​do, ​when ​I ​was ​just ​following ​the ​money ​instead ​of ​my ​heart. ​ ​I ​finally ​made ​it ​out.”


Which ​raises ​the ​question ​of ​what ​does ​your ​soul ​yearn ​to ​do? ​And ​what’s ​holding ​you ​back?




Zya Be On Following your Yes!



“I want to be doing work that’s more meaningful.”


“Your hell yes is not about woohoo. It’s about following your deep inner yes.”


“I’m somebody that actually enjoys getting out of my comfort zone.”


“We are missing so much of the magic of the right brain.”


“We need more rebellious, happy, joyful people.”


“Following your own path is challenging. There is discomfort. But it is absolutely worth it.”



Bump in the Road

Everyone hits a bump in the road. The question becomes: What do you do with it?

I share stories about how people experience, manage and navigate life's bumps, hopefully using them as a pivot into a more conscious and meaningful life.