Dr. Alauna Curry
Dr. Alauna

Dr. Alauna Curry is no stranger to bumps in the road. From her own personal health odyssey, to horrific burns to her son’s head and face, through divorce and beyond, this board cerified psychiatrist has a first hand understanding of trauma and what it takes to heal.


Trauma Hurts.

Empathy Heals.


Dr. Alauna’s approach is a combination of over a decade of medical practice with an emotional recognition that through empathy, healing is possible.

Dr. Alauna is a board-certified Psychiatrist, Clinician Educator, Author, and Empathy Expert with the mission to educate every person on how to heal from and break the trauma cycle. She graduated summa cum laude from Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans and obtained her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. After a 12 year career treating thousands of US military veterans with PTSD, anxiety and trauma-related conditions and serving as an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Alauna retired from clinical medicine. Her new role is to educate the world on how trauma connects us all.

In 2018, she founded the Dr. Alauna Trauma Recovery Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating trauma worldwide by providing trauma-informed public education and professional training in Empathy Skills Practice™, a transformative method of understanding the power of one’s Sacred Self. ESP is a reflective and interactive “Skills over Pills” approach, combining education with mindful actions that resonate with any audience, regardless of age, profession, education or circumstance. Her message of healing is designed to empower people to move from simply surviving in the face of trauma, to thriving in Your Best Self.

For more info, visit www.dralauna.com

Dr. Alauna Curry

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Dr. Alauna Curry