Gary Hensel: Following A Spiritual Path

“Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself.

Know that you are worthy. And everything is within you.”

-Gary Hensel




Walking A Spiritual Path
Walking a spiritual path

Walking The Spiritual Path

Gary Hensel is an accomplished businessman, university professor, and a best selling, award winning author. On Twitter he is known as @gary_hensel  and his spiritual insights inspire millions of people around the world.

Gary’s book I AM is an incredible distillation of insights from some of the world’s greatest thinkers. His newest book, Lessons For A Spiritual Warrior, gathers his sixty some years of experience and wisdom. He explores how to navigate life and some of the eternal lessons that come from our experiences.

Gary’s path has included a few bumps in the road. A diagnosis of severe Lyme’s Disease ended his academic career. But it opened up time to write. Proceeds from his books benefit a variety of organizations. Gary’s reflections bring wisdom and perspective to our lives.



“Life is like this giant mural, we’re right up against it. All we can see is a small part.”



For anyone who thinks about life, walking the spiritual path, and the meaning of it all, Gary’s books are a must read and this conversation is a must listen.

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Gary Hensel On Following A Spiritual Path


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In the second part of our conversation we talk about a wide range of topics including quantum physics and spiritual growth. We share some of our favorite books. As a self professed book worm, I have to agree with Gary that



“You ultimately become the books you read and the people you surround yourself with.”



  Come surround yourself in some of Gary’s wisdom, and check out his books here.

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Gary Hensel On Walking A Spiritual Path






“When you’re deep in it, it’s human nature to say ‘why me?’”



“Life is like this giant mural, we’re right up against it. All we can see is a small part.”


“Trust those gut feelings.”


“It’s about quieting the mind and letting your pure self come out.”


“We look at life as very finite…I believe we are pure energy.”


“If we can lose that fear of death, everything changes.”


“As challenges come, we have a choice. Do we embrace them?”


“In your darkest moment, in your most pain, your most grief, always look for the gift.”


On Living in Arizona: AZ: “You don’t have to shovel heat.”


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