Jill Bolte Taylor: Whole Brain Living

“We are feeling creatures who think.”


-Jill Bolte Taylor

Author of Whole Brain Living

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Jill Bolte Taylor on Whole Brain Living

Jill Bolte Taylor

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on Whole Brain Living


This is a podcast that could change your life. It’s changed mine.

At 37 years old, Jill Bolte Taylor was on the fast track as a Harvard brain researcher. Until one morning, a stroke consumed the left side of her brain, leaving her alive but unable to function in a meaningful way. The bleed that consumed the left side of her brain meant that she was existing in her right brain, without any memory or executive functioning abilities. But what she experienced and learned, was the amazing and boundless sense of creativity and being in her right brain. And as a brain researcher, she understood the implications of her experience.


Jill Bolte Taylor

This book could change your life


Jill writes about the insights she gained in her new book Whole Brain Living and provides a step by step guidance to how we can use her knowledge to better our lives and mental health. This book is game changing. READ IT.

In the second part of our conversation, we also explore the use of psychedelics for brain health; mental health in children; and more. This is just for Bump II Subscribers. But you can get a sneak peak by signing up with the code FREEMONTH to check it out.

I had a significant experience using Jill’s methodologies which I shared in a recent Side Trip. Side Trips are ultra short podcasts about the off road excursions we take that often lead to interesting life experiences. In this Side Trip, I shared my experience using Dr. Taylor’s methodologies. I suggest you listen to the podcast first because Dr. Taylor provides a detailed discussion of the various parts of our brain and how they are used. With that knowledge, see if you can relate to my experience.




For anyone not familiar with Dr. Taylor, here are two TED talks that will provide the background on her experience. The first TED talks (which put TED on the map as this video went viral with over 28 million views to date), Jill Bolte Taylor details her stroke experience with the hope of helping others recognize the symptoms:




Her second talk centers on Whole Brain Living and how to tap into your brain’s potential:




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Jill Bolte Taylor on Whole Brain Living



“I witnessed an absolutely silent mind for five full weeks.”



“That was a quite an interesting experience, to have this this up close, intimate understanding or relationship with the groups of cells in my brain that  were no longer being inhibited by the other more powerful circuits of my left brain.”



“I wanted everyone to get a sense of awe and reverence for their own brain.”



“It took years for me to figure out well, how do I communicate this in a way that people can get it for themselves.”



“Now I’m just educating anybody who will listen about their own brain so that they can have a higher level of differentiation inside of themselves. So that they can actually pick and choose who and how they want to be, and find more peace in their life.”

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