Michaela Canterbury: Love vs Drugs

“Whatever it is that feeds your soul, do that first.”

-Michaela Canterbury

Michaela Canterbury: Love vs Drugs

The Difficult Path from Drugs To Recovery



Michaela’s sister, Kaylen, was a star in a family of stars. She was athletically gifted, smart and motivated. She played sports, earned a Master’s and was always on the go. And she was a drug addict.

Kaylen’s introduction to drugs started inadvertently when she broke her ankle skating at age 13. She was treated with oxicodonx, hydrocodone and a morphine drip. Next she’d be diagnosed with ADHD, which necessitated a steady stream of drugs. In time, that opened the door  to pot, cocaine, mushrooms and more.



“Her body mind and spirit became dependent on medication. It evolved from there.”



Kaylen’s problems with drugs didn’t surface for years. She was a highly functioning person and no one ever suspected the extent of her drug use. Until some friends saw what was going on and went to Kaylen’s family.

The first instinct of the family was denial. But denial eventually fell by the wayside as Kaylen’s drug use became overwhelming.

Along the way there would be lessons about self-care, suffering, judgement, grief, control and so much more. Kaylen’s drug use impacted her family, friends and nearly everyone she came into contact with. This is a story about difficult relationships, love and letting go.



“I always saw her light. We were always connected. We didn’t lose that. I feel that spirit was always there.”



In the end, this is a story with a happy ending. Kaylen is four years drug free. What were the lessons for everyone involved? Listen in as one sister tells her story.

​Bump In The Road:

Michaela Canterbury on Love and Drugs

Michaela Canterbury: On Love And Drugs



“My feeling is in order to step into the chaos of loving someone when they’re at their worst, you have to love yourself first.”


“There’s so much that you over look because you love this person.”


“I cannot deny this anymore. This is freakin’ real. My sister is on a cot in a trap house.”


“I had to find other ways to love her.”


“My love is big and it never stops.”







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